Why did I start blogging?


Aha! This is a very good question. Though I say it myself!

And I need to start the answer with a quick confession: mea culpa, down on knees, brief grovel…

I am not – gulp! – strictly speaking – more gulp!! – a new blogger.  In fact, I started eighteen months ago all told, and five months ago on here…

But, I want to start afresh. With the booming of the world’s clocks ushering in the New Year, I want to catch the peal, grab hold of the rope and swing in time with the carillon.

So. Wind back, dear friends, wind back…

…to March 2012, when I, after thirty years, left the teaching profession and decided, at the ripe old age (God! makes me sound like an antediluvian Brie!) of fifty-four, to become a full-time writer.

Was I, perchance, several root vegetables short of a ratatouille in making this barking mad decision?

Hmm. Jury’s still out on that one…

But, you see, I adore writing and always have. I am PASSIONATE about it and have been since I wrote my first story at the age of eight. In a very different way, I have been addicted to personal writing ever since January 7th, 1972, when I wrote the first entry in my first ever journal.

When I hung my board rubber up for the final time, I had already written three novels, though none were published.

In June 2012, I attended a fabulous MasterClass, on self-publishing, organised by the Guardian newspaper – and, one of the things they suggested, in order to get out there and get recognised, was to leap upon the Blogging Wagon and head metaphorically West into the great Prairies of writing.

So, I set up a Blogspot blog and, with trepidation and delicious excitement, wrote my first post. Wow!

Thirteen months on, and with 200,000 hits under my skirt (as ’twere!), the damn technological plague came upon me – and, groaning with cyber buboes, I burned the ‘village’ and set out for a Black Death free zone.

Have I made a success of things thus far? As opposed to an almighty balls-up, I mean!

Not compared to some. Actually, let’s be honest here: not compared to a lot of people! But, I have found some lovely friends who make wonderful comments upon my posts.

I am nowhere near going viral. I KNOW there are bloggers who wouldn’t get out of bed for less than a thousand hits per post. I freely confess to you, my dears, that on one day in December, I got four hits. Yes. That’s right. No zeroes following. A start quartet of the things! If I get over a hundred, I am delighted – and amazed!

But, I love it! Money? Nope. Haven’t made a bean on here, though the novel I self-published – ‘Long-Leggety Beasties’ – has made a couple of quid!

This year, I want to write better posts. I want to become more experimental and daring. I want to meet new bloggers.

And, do you know what? I shall be fifty-six within a week or so – and, dash it all, I am proud of myself for leaping into the unknown and doing what I have always wanted to do.

I may never become a success in the worldly sense – but, I have kept my writing dream alive and kicking for nearly forty eight years and that is quite some achievement!

And, by the by, my name is Alienora Taylor! Just think ‘alien’ followed by ‘aura’, though it is actually pronounced, ‘Ali -u-nora’…



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13 comments on “Why did I start blogging?

  1. Great post, Alienora! It’s funny — I’m writing my first book, which so far is quite a thrill, and I wouldn’t have started if it weren’t for a marketing expert suggesting that I might get more visibility for my elder-care blog by writing a book, thus establishing my credibility as an author. Thanks for liking my recent post, by the way. You are welcome to visit JoyousParadox.com any time.


  2. Four hits? I’ve gone days with two – which I suspect were both me: at home and work. This made me smile – it sounds a bit like me – infinite plans to write with life happening in the interim.


  3. I enjoyed your post very much. I, too, was encouraged and inspired. I will want to come back to see what you come up with. I hate to be critique-al, but, I think you could lose the first four brief paragraphs.


  4. Your post is inspiring! As a writing teacher, I identify with your choices. I’ve written three nanowrimo novels, which are, of course, drafts. But they so free the mind of all that we were taught! I love bringing that to my students. Your post is engaging, and I look forward to reading more about your new passions.


  5. It does seem harder to grab the “hits” here than on — say — Blogger. Maybe that’s because of the hitless Reader. I suspect if the reader hits counted — or for that matter, the people who just read the email and never come to the site — we’d have much different numbers. But I like the audience on WP. Nice people. Kind people. Fewer morons and many more thoughtful people. I (technically) have a second blog on Blogger, but I barely remember to feed it. This seems to be my home.


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