April Moon 2014: Day 8: Wild


Wild is that which lives in Nature’s rhythm. It dances to the insistent beat of the seasons, the tides and times of the world; it is spontaneity, and survival and sexuality without Sin’s baleful glare. It is immediacy and complete aliveness.

We fear it, make monsters of predatory animals because their savage instincts match those we thrust down so ruthlessly. They personify our terror of The Beast. The Beast which is, when stripped of its flesh, little more than the Darkness at the heart of mankind.

Our need to tame everything, and everyone, is born of our alienation from the natural world, from the spirits which inhabit every dell and forest, glen and ocean – and from our own true nature.

I have no quarrel with the concept, or, indeed, the reality of a Creator – but I do take issue with religious dogma which is twisted by the human (not the Divine) in order to metaphorically trap the wild and tame it, subjugate it to our will.

It is so sad, this relentless taming. Sheath your claws. Lioness! File down your sharp hunting teeth, Tiger! Wear a collar, answer to a human name and learn to beg for the Queen, Oh Mighty Wolf! Animals, with your musky primordial smells and your raw unashamed copulating, stop making us confront our own inner animal, why don’t you? Give in to the herbal scented shampoo whenever you assert your animal nature and disguise your scent with that of a dead fellow creature! Eat timidly, once a day, from a bowl with your name upon it – and ask to go out to do what comes naturally!

Wild is pheromones! It is hair in all the valleys of the body! It is fucking and rutting! It is a bear hug and, ‘God, I LOVE you!’ just because, and not to please, or manipulate or get something back.

Being wild should not be confused with being immoral, gratuitously cruel or psychopathic, in my view anyway.

Wild animals live by their own code of honour – and, frankly, it is no worse than ours; in fact, in many ways, it is fairer and more humane than anything we humans have come up with in our murderous and destructive history.

We pride ourselves on being civilised – and tame! Or at least, not wild! We sneer at so-called ancient civilisations; we feel superior to the few remaining Wild Tribes – and our educational systems are all about taming the inner beast and pay lip service only to the true meaning of ‘education’ (to lead out).

Pause a minute, though: where has all this obsessive taming got us as a Global Society? Have we truly shown that we have got it right? That the way we treat the world and its denizens is, in any way, better than the way our wild ancestors went about things?

Doesn’t our Taming of the Planet come perilously close to rape, pillage, plunder and murder?

Has our taming of others made this a safer world to live in?

No. Of course it hasn’t. How could it?

When, by our controlling need to tame EVERYTHING, we are crushing the natural and healthy expression of the wild instinct in everyone and everything.

I am a Wildwoman – and proud of it!

The system tried its best to tame me. Ultimately, it failed.

Thank Deity of Own Choice!

9 comments on “April Moon 2014: Day 8: Wild

    • Good God! I adored ‘Waiting for God’ – and used to say that, when I got to a similar age, I would BE Diana Trent: splendid old bag, wasn’t she?! Brilliant! Now, that’s true Cronehood for you: no messing around or prissy buggering about being all wilting and woebegone, just in there throwing her weight around and being totally, wonderfully obnoxious and acerbic! Laugh? I nearly had a hernia laughing! xxx


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